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Income Tax Return Services

Do not let time get head of you, make your return on time.

Please visit our office for a consultation with one of our experienced staff. We will answer all your tax related questions with a very professional and accurate answer.

Authorized IRS e-file provider

Electronic Filing Deadline Information:

  • Tuesday, April 17:

Federal tax filing deadline. In order for your return to be considered timely filed by the IRS, you will need to submit your return electronically by Tuesday, April 17th at midnight.

  • Monday, October 15:

If you requested a Federal tax-filing extension, you will need to submit your return to the IRS by Monday, October 15th.

  • Year round tax preparation and support.
  • Income tax return for: Individuals, couples families, professionals and small business.
  • IRS Direct Deposit.
  • Accuracy Guarantee.
  • Audit assistance.
  • Electronic Refund Check or Deposit.
  • Refund Anticipation Loans. (restrictions Apply)
  • Tax planning.
  • Authorized IRS E-File provider.
  • Appeals.
  • IRS and Local State representation.
  • Federal and State Tax returns.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • IRS Tax Forms and publications.


  • Get your refunds in less than 24 Hours
  • Contact us for Fast Cash
  • Bigger and Faster Returns
  • Where is my tax return?

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