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Income Tax Return Services

Q.- Who can I claim as a dependent?

A.- Your son, daugther and your wife ( if you are filing as a head oh household ) also any qualify person ( please ask one of our representatives about this topic ).

Q.- How long does it take to get my refund?

A.- It usually takes a period of 30 business days to get your refund if you filed your return by mail. If you efile you can receive your refund in 24 hours.

Q.- Where is my refund?

A.- If the IRS has accepted your income tax return, it should take 30 business days if you filed your return via mail. If you filed your return via efile it should take no more than 48 hours. If you did not get your refund, it is important to call IRS to find the reason to hold your refund.

Q.- Can I get in contact with the IRS about my refund?

A.- Yes, you can get in contact with an IRS agent and ask about your refund, just remember that IRS won't give any information to a third(s) parties because of they privacy policies.

Q.- Can I get additional copies of my Income Tax Return?

A.- Yes, you can get a copy of your tax return, there is a fee of $ 50.00 dollars for this service ( if you want additional copies of your return, please email us requesting your copies ).

Q.- Can I deposit my refund in two or more bank accounts?

A.- You can deposit your refund in different bank accounts, just remember that there will be a fee per each transaction.

Q.- Can somebody else discuss about my refund or personal information with your staff?

A.- Here at Supreme Tax Service PROTECT our customers personal information and we can not disclose any personal information to a third party(ies).

Q.- What is efile?

A.- E-file is a system for submitting tax documents to the Internal Revenue Service through the internet or direct connection, usually without the need to submit any paper documents. With the E-file system you can get your refund in less than 24 hours.

Q.- How much does it cost to efile?

A.- There is a fee of $ 50.00 dollars if you want to deposit your refund in one bank account. Additional fees apply if you choose to deposit your refund in more than one bank accounts.

Q.- How much does Supreme Tax Service charge for income tax preparation?

A.- Our rates vary, depending on how many schedules your return may have, please ask our representatives about our fees.